Sanguine Relationships: Previewing ‘The Hemophiliac’ and ‘Fun Dancing’

November 4, 2009

It’s been cast. It’s going up next week (alongside Fun Dancing) as part of a double-billing I’m cleverly calling “Sanguine Relationships”.

The full script of the first draft of ‘The Hemophiliac’ used to be up here, but now all you get is a taste–


(A silence. They take it to mean two different things)

2: You were telling your story.

1: Right. My story. Well, I came home early because it was three days before my wife’s birthday, and I wanted to surprise her with a kiss and a cake and a—

2: What’s your wife like?

1: A woman. Legs, breasts, lips. You’d like her.

2: And how would you explain me if she asked?

1: She did ask.

2: And what did you say.

1: I said, “A young girl. Lips, legs, breasts. You’d like her.”

2: So you came home early and caught her canoodling with the milkman?

1: I know you’ve been here for a while, but there haven’t been milkmen in ages.

2: The mailman, then.

1: (Shaking his head) My best friend.

2: Charlie?

1: Yeah, Charlie. They were in the bathtub, splashing around. It smelled like bubble bath in the hallway and he giggled a little and sometimes she went, “Coo, coo, coo.” I could hear it all from outside the door. She was begging him for more, more, more… and I was just begging they’d keep it down a little.

2: So what happened?

1: I didn’t know what else to do. I thought if I backed up… if I just kept backing up and walked out the door and went back to work, I could undo it all. I could undo everything that ever hurt that bad and pretend like nothing happened.

2: And did you?

1: Sure tried. I backed up right down the staircase, found a little chance at peace, then lost my footing. My legs went over my head and things were cracking and all there was was hurt. When it finally stopped, I couldn’t move. My head felt split open, and the back of my neck was wet. Last thing I remember: My wife: (imitating her voice) Did you hear something? Charlie: (imitating his voice) Fuck it, Mona, I hear a lot of things.

2: That’s what he said?

1: That’s what he said.

2: How am I supposed to be forgiving if you can’t even manage it yourself?

1: Who says I can’t? I have.

2: Yeah, but why? How?

1: I don’t know.

2: Forgiveness can’t just come from out of nowhere.

1: Sure it can. It just needs a bit of an invitation is all.



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